Still life with gilded goblet Sale

Willem Claesz. Heda (1635)

On a table covered with a green tablecloth and two linen damask napkins are displayed: pewter plates with bread and a pewter bowl with oysters, a glass of red wine, an oil or vinegar jug made of glass, a silver salt cellar, a roemer with white wine, a gilded silver goblet with lid, a pewter wine jug and a birch meier laid out. The range of grey tonalities that Willem Heda could paint is astounding. With this subtle palette, he deftly rendered the objects – of pewter, silver, damask, glass and mother-of-pearl – on this table. A few yellow and ochre accents compliment this refined interplay of colours. Heda specialized in near monochromatic still lifes, so-called 'tonal banquet pieces'.

Original Dimensions: W44" X H35"
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