Art for your business

Are you looking for art for an office environment or for hotel rooms?

is a perfect solution for businesses, because our framing system is so versatile, light weight and contributes to the overall acoustics of a space. We can help you create a collection of art for your specific project. Please note that the choice of artworks is not limited by the art library on our site.

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Designer and staging partnerships

offers an affiliate program that makes it easy to incorporate our products into your projects. We would love to hear more about what you do and see how we can help.


Museum partnerships

Museums invite people into a magical world of art that wouldn’t be seen if tucked away in private collections. However, this experience is short lived.

now enables museums to add a new category to their shop; it allows visitors to acquire a high-quality large-scale reproduction of their favorite work, shipped directly to their home. With no hassle and no inventory for you.

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I am an artist too!

We LOVE artists and plan to offer contemporary work on our web shop in the future as well. Although not implemented at this time, we would be happy to hear from you and explore whether we could collaborate in the future.