ARTEQUE allows for large scale reproductions of world-renowned artists. Whether it be the living room, the bedroom or an office, ARTEQUE creates an impressive
backdrop for any interior.

So this is an opportunity for you to be surrounded by your favorite work every day. A clever and innovative solution guaranteeing the highest quality standard.

1. Browse our library
2. Pick your piece
3. Select your size
4. Enjoy!

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    Artworks are the lasting legacy of the beautiful minds of artists. Generally enjoyed in museums galleries, ARTEQUE offers stunning reproductions for your private enjoyment. 
    We like to see our product as a backdrop for your interior. But unlike wallpaper, a piece that can move to another wall or even into another room, that has more dimensionality to it and that is actual fabric, with its aesthetic and acoustic qualities. But above all: a reproduction of a unique piece with a story and a history, honoring the original artist.


    The graphic is printed on a tension fabric panel, held by a silver anodized aluminum slim line frame.
    The finishing of the art print is matte without any reflection, sporting an amazing depth of color. Unlike prints on canvas, it allows you to enjoy your piece from every angle without annoying reflections.
    The image is a UV proof sublimation print, which guarantees excellent color quality and longevity.
    The prints are made in Europe with the greatest level of care. Please allow for 3 weeks lead time after your purchase.


    The graphic panel easily folds into a small flat package.
    The slim line frame comes unassembled for efficient packaging.
    The art piece is easily assembled in the comfort of your home – assembly tool included in the shipment.
    The advantages:
    1) Reduced shipping costs due to more compact packaging
    2) Environmental benefits due to shipping less air
    3) Less risk of damage in transit
    4) Reproductions can be larger!