Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly updating our library, but obviously there will always be pieces missing. We would love to hear about your favorite artist and art piece in particular. Let us know your request and we will try to accommodate.

In general we say: bigger is better! Obviously, not all pieces lend themselves to be made as a large scale production. But in general this is an opportunity to create a backdrop for your interior and with the system flat packed it is now easy to go large!

The graphic print is a UV proof sublimation print. The colors will stay vibrant for years and years to come. We stand behind our quality. For that reason we grant a 2 year warranty on the print quality. Any doubts or complaints about the quality, let us know!

There are solutions out there with different price tags and... different quality levels. With that said, there is a solution for everyone. We strive for the highest quality level at a reasonable cost. Once you see our product in real life you will appreciate the price/quality offering. And thanks to our at home assembly we help you save on shipping costs.

No! The 4 sides of the frame are easily assembled by mounting the 4 corner pieces. The graphic is equipped with a silicon seem, all around the edges. Simply insert the silicon seem into the dedicated slot push it in all around the frame and... done! Enjoy your very own masterpiece!

The frame is made of aluminum which is probably the easiest recyclable metal out there. Our innovative method of home assembly allows for extremely compact packaging. Besides, our product is super light weight, all in all resulting in fuel efficiency.

The prints are made in Europe and each order is treated with the greatest level of care. Please allow 3 weeks lead time. Once you place your order we will keep you updated about the progress and will of course deliver sooner if we can.

Shipping is completely free on all orders, irrespective of the size of the art piece you select. Anytime, anywhere in the US. International orders will receive a competitive shipping quote after placement of order.

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