Large format, up to 10’

The art piece is printed on fabric, which can be folded or rolled. The frame is constructed of 4 pieces that are easily assembled in your home. As a result we can ship your in up to 10' height or width, with no shipping limitations or issues bringing it into your space.

High resolution printing, outstanding color saturation

We use the most advanced printers and take the greatest care in adjusting the perfect settings of our equipment for the reproductions to reflect the colors and intensity of the original art piece.

Premium fabric, matte finish and UV protected

Placing your close to a window is not a problem. No disturbing reflections, no discoloring or fading. Even more importantly, the premium fabric perfectly carries the depth and color saturation of the original images. Your is guaranteed an art piece to be enjoyed for years to come.

Lightweight & collapsible infinity frame

is made of a collapsible extruded aluminum frame, that is hardly visible from the front and creates a clean finished edge. It doesn’t distract from the art piece, and easily mixes in in a variety of home interiors.

Easy to assemble

Assembly of the frame is sweet and simple. Everything you need is shipped with the frame, except for screws and fasteners suited for your specific wall type.

Free shipping on all domestic US orders

If you live in the United States, shipping is always included in the price of your , irrespective of the size of your art piece. For shipping to other countries, contact us for a quote.


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