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Adriaen van Utrecht (1644)

Still life. A large table with a pie, bowls of fruit (grapes, lemons, peaches, plums, figs and blackberries). In the middle a lobster and some crabs, a plate with a ham and a decorative bowl, a tazza, some glasses and a large shell on a pedestal. At the back right a container with strawberries, a gourd and vines with a stemware. In the foreground there is a dog near a wine cooler and a monkey near an overturned basket of fruit. On the left a chair with musical instruments (cello, violin, lute, flute) and a songbook and a parrot on a stick.

The Fleming Adriaen van Utrecht here demonstrated that he could paint virtually anything, from costly tableware to glass, fruit, an enormous lobster on a Chinese plate, a cut-open pasty, and much more. Given its striking low vantage point, this large painting was most likely meant to hang above a chimneypiece.

Original Dimensions: W10" X H7"
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